Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Off the mark... 

First official posting: deep breath, here goes.

Personal expectations first. Whatever people may have to say about the internet, one thing is undoubtedly true - the internet changes everything. And whatever field I finally end up in, the internet and computers are highly likely to play an integral part in that system. So with this eventuality in mind I enrolled in this E-Learning course with a view to exploring the potentials of what the internet and associated technologies and platforms have to offer, not only in education, training and learning, but also in business, people management and communication systems.

My expectations are that I learn about: technologies that will enrich my current work environement, with a mind to creating a better communication link between long distance trainers, and an online method for course development (this may be a simple message board or blog, or something more detailed); technologies that can be used in a class room, to aid learning of children and/or adults; the psychological and social impacts of sustained virtual networking; how games can assist learning; and finally, the bigger picture - how are we all likely to be affected by online technologies in future societies. A lot to be getting on with, but it's always good to have goals.

And on to hopes and concerns. Hopes really link in to expectations/goals above, but in addition to these, I hope that above all that course will be enjoyable and stimulating - tho judging by my recent excitement at setting up and involving myself with the course so far, enjoyment seems inevitable (ask me again when first assignment due!).

As for concerns, none yet - tho after tearing some of what's left of my hair out over accessing (or not accessing) the WebCT system - I have e-learnt something already, which I fear may not be the last reminder: never to completely trust technology. Sometimes it's best just to switch everything off, and go and read a book instead.

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