Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Alternate reality gets real

Mark Heggen has just posted a fascinating article on the ´non-casual` uses of ARGs on his blog http://retext.blogspot.com/. Aside from some great interviews and views from big-hitters in ARG and media circles, there´s also a short interview with myself covering some of the ideas posted throughout this blog. Am honoured to be in such illustrious company!

Aside from this, World Without Oil has launched and has already collected a massive amount of input from people´s video, pictures and blogs, not to mention some well conceived missions. It´s a fantastic concept, and is probably the best example currently out there of how ARGs might be used for social purpose. Brilliant design overall - looking fwd to seeing where it all goes.

And as a final piece of good news, the ARG that Andrew Sides and I designed has been selected as a winner for the International Digital Earth Conference (www.ISDE5.org). We´ll be heading out to San Francisco in June to pick up our award. And will be sure to wear a flower in our hair.

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